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As a BMW owner and enthusiast I had the pleasure of purchasing an Interlagos blue 2006 BMW M5 SMG that had a low speed hit to the passenger side B-pillar area.  The car was owned by a coworker, so I am very familiar with the run history prior to the accident.  Additionally, the car still ran and drove even though it was totaled by insurance.  The car had ONLY 50,497 gentle miles on it prior to the incident and still looked and smelled like new inside as well as out.

I created this site as a way to help facilitate a full vehicle part out in the easiest way possible.  It allows me to list everything that is still currently for sale, as well as individual descriptions defining the condition of each part.   Click the tabs in the menu to see a list of all available parts within the general categories.  When a part sells I remove it so that there is no confusion whether things are still available or not.

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